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Name Servers
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Name servers (DNS) are used to connect a domain to the internet. Without name servers, a domain won't work and can't be used. Domainkeskus uses a three-name server system, where the name servers are distributed across different servers and geographically. This ensures a highly fault-tolerant name server system.

The name servers used by Domainkeskus are:

Various configurations can be made to the name servers, defining, among other things, where the homepages are located and the routing of email. Numerous other records can also be defined on the name servers, which can be used, for example, to verify the domain owner for a third-party service (e.g., Google).

When using Domainkeskus' name servers, the customer always has access to the name server settings and can change the settings in real time. When a customer orders a web hosting service and/or email service, they don’t need to worry about the name server settings, as we will set them up for you. Changes and additions can be requested through our customer service; we will make them for you free of charge.

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