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Making DNS Changes via the Old Customer Pages
Making DNS Changes via the Old Customer Pages
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  • Log in to Domainkeskus' customer pages

  • Go to "Domains and Services"

  • Click on the domain

  • Click DNS Settings and then click "Open name server management"

  • You will automatically log into DNS management

  • Now you are on the name server management page. By clicking the button in the top left corner, you can access the user interface.

  • 1 On the General Settings page, you can see the servers set for the domain and other general information

  • 2 From the Host Records page, you can change the domain directions.

  • 3 On the Email Settings page, you can manage the domain's email directions.

  • 4 You can log out from here.

  • 5 By turning this button to the "ON" position, you can park your domain. When the domain is parked, it is directed to the page.

2. Host Records

  • By clicking the Add New Record button, you can create a record.

  • Creating a record

  •  Completed Records

  • By pressing the Save Host Records button, the DNS records will be saved.

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