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Outlook 2016 (Windows)

You can check your email settings here: email settings lookup

NOTE: In the instructions, the server "blade4.euronic.fi" is used as an example. Please verify your own incoming/outgoing mail server settings using the email settings lookup.

To access Control Panel, you can use the Windows search field. Open the search field using the keyboard shortcut:

Windows-key + S

In the search field, type "Control Panel" and click on it to open Control Panel. You should see the following view:

1. Control Panel-> Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) ->

2. Email Accounts->

3. New->

4. Set up manually or additional server types->

5. POP or IMAP->

6. You can check your email settings here: email settings lookup

Enter your email information:
Email address: [email protected]
Account type: IMAP
Incoming mail server: blade4.euronic.fi
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): blade4.euronic.fi
User Name: [email protected]
Password: Set during Plesk administration

7. More Settings -> Outgoing Server tab ->

Check the following options:
"Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" and "Use same settings as my incoming mail server".

8. Advanced tab ->

Incoming server (IMAP) port: 993 and SSL encryption, Outgoing server (SMTP) port: 587 and STARTTLS encryption, Root folder path: INBOX.

Save the settings by clicking OK and complete the account setup by testing the settings using the Test Account Settings button.


Outlook 2016 (MacOS)

1. Open Tools from the menu -> Accounts

2. Add an email account

3. Enter your email address and click Continue

4. Select IMAP/POP as the account type

5. Enter the details for your email account

Note: The incoming and outgoing mail server addresses shown in the image may vary depending on your email address. You can check the email settings for your address here.

6. Add the account.

Outlook (Android & iOS)

You can check your email settings here: email settings lookup

On your Android device, to add an email account in the Outlook app, tap on the email account icon in the upper left corner. From the resulting menu, find the gear icon in the lower left corner and tap on it to access settings.

Once in settings, tap on "Add Email Account". Enter your email address in the email field and tap "Continue" in the lower right corner. After a moment, Outlook will suggest manual account setup. Choose Manual setup and select IMAP as the account type.

​Outlook -> Settings -> Add Account -> Add Email Account ->

Next, Outlook will ask for the email's setup details. Open additional email settings by tapping on "Advanced settings" at the bottom of the page. Enter your email settings in the following fields. You can find the settings here. The view should look like this.

- Email address: [email protected]
- Display name: Your name
- Description:
- IMAP incoming mail server: blade13.euronic.fi:993
- IMAP username: [email protected]
- IMAP password: Set during Plesk administration
- SMTP outgoing mail server: blade13.euronic.fi:587
(If you have connection issues, you can try using port 465, e.g., blade13.euronic.fi:465)
​- SMTP username: [email protected]
- SMTP password: Set during Plesk administration

Create the email account by clicking the OK button in the upper right corner.

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