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Domainparking and own nameservers
Domainparking and own nameservers
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If you want to register a domain but do not want to use it immediately (connect it to the internet), you can choose domain parking as a service. In this case, the domain will be registered in your name, but it cannot be used until you define the name servers for it. You can update the domain parking service to point to the name servers at any time and start using your domain. You can perform the service upgrade from your customer portal or by contacting our customer service.

Own Name Servers (.fi and .ax domains):
If you want to use your own name servers or a third-party's name servers, you can choose the option for own name servers. The name servers for your domain are provided on the customer portal under the "Name Servers" tab. For .ax domains, the name servers are set manually by our customer service. To request this, you can send an email to [email protected]. If you are using third-party name servers, you cannot manage DNS settings from the customer portal. Instead, you need to contact the entity managing the name servers to specify or modify the settings. We recommend using Domainkeskus' reliable name servers, as we can also assist you with the name server settings.

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