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Restoring a Backup
Restoring a Backup
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You can manage the domain backups from the server interface. Login to the server occurs with the credentials sent to you at the time of service opening. Once you have logged into your domain, you will find the backup management on the right side of the site.

Click on the backup management section, and you will see a listing of the domain's backups. The backups are organized by creation date by default. From the system notes, you can see which backups are incremental and which ones are full backups. Incremental backups only contain changes compared to the previous full backup. When you know which backup you want to restore, click on that backup’s date.

A view will open in front of you where you can decide whether you want to restore all content or just part of it. After you have selected what you want to restore, click "Restore" at the bottom of the site. The site will then load for a moment.

Next, you return to backup management. A bar will appear at the top, indicating that the backup restoration is in progress.

When the backup restoration is complete, you will receive a notification of the backup restoration completion. The notification also includes a link to the log information if there have been any problems with the backup restoration.

The backup restoration is now complete.

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