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Setting up a SMART/DB-scan
Setting up a SMART/DB-scan
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SMART/DB Scanner, which stands for Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool Database Scanner, scans your website's database and can automatically remove malware. In the SMART/DB scan, the same FTP user used to establish the SMART connection is used for the scan.

Follow this guide to enable SMART/DB scanning:

Step 1: Launch the SiteLock Management Panel

Launch the management panel by logging into SiteLock through your customer page.

Step 2: Configure SMART/DB

After logging into the management panel, select SMART/Database from the dashboard. Click on the 'Configure' button to proceed with the tool's configuration.

In the subsequent view, update the platform permissions by selecting 'Update'.

Upon selecting 'Update', the following options will be displayed:

Does your site have an SSL certificate? – Choose 'Yes' if your site is protected by an SSL certificate, or 'No' if there is no certificate.

Domain or Subdomain? – Specify the domain name for which the scan will be enabled.

Platform – Specify the content management system in use. If your site uses a CMS other than WordPress or Joomla!, SiteLock will request the database login credentials.

After confirming the details, you will be prompted to provide the FTP login credentials used to establish the SMART connection.

Once you provide the login information, click on 'Test Connection'. This will open the directory tree.

From the directory tree, select the location of your site on the server and then click 'This is it'. This selection will verify the site's properties and associate it for scanning.

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