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SMART/PATCH scanning is performed in conjunction with the regular SMART scanning, and it patches any vulnerabilities found in your website's files, themes, and plugins. This gives you additional time to make the necessary updates to compromised files, themes, or plugins at your own pace. However, we recommend making the necessary updates as soon as a newer version is available.

Step 1: Launch the SiteLock Control Panel

Launch the control panel by logging into SiteLock through the customer portal.

Step 2: Enable SMART/PATCH

After logging into the control panel, you will see a menu on the left-hand side. From the menu, select "Settings."

Next, choose "SMART/PATCH Settings"

By default, the option is set to "Scan automatically but do not patch", which means that SMART/PATCH scanning is performed automatically, but you still need to manually approve the patching of any vulnerabilities found. However, we recommend changing this to the option "Scan and patch automatically", where SMART/PATCH will also automatically patch any vulnerabilities it finds.

Finally, click "Save" to save your selection.

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