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Creating files in Nextcloud
Creating files in Nextcloud
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You can easily add new files to your Nextcloud web storage through the file management view. By clicking on the "+" button in the image, you will see options for adding new files:

  1. Upload file: Upload a file from your computer to Nextcloud.

  2. New folder: Create a new folder.

  3. New text document: Create a new text file.

Once a file is created or uploaded to Nextcloud, you can modify its properties. In the file management view, click on the three-dot icon next to the desired file to access a menu with various options:

  1. Add to favorites: Add the file to your favorites list.

  2. Details: Open a detailed view showing the file's properties and information.

  3. Rename: Change the file's name.

  4. Move or copy: Move or copy the file to another location within Nextcloud, such as a different folder.

  5. Download: Download the file to your computer.

  6. Delete file: Move the file to the Nextcloud trash bin for deletion.

For more instructions, you can refer to the official Nextcloud documentation available at:

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