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Hakukoneoptimointi Pro: overview
Hakukoneoptimointi Pro: overview

This article introduces the SEO Plan, Optimize, Analyze, and Competition sections of the Hakukoneoptimointi Pro tool.

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On the homepage of Hakukoneoptimointi Pro, you can see an overview of your website's status and actions to improve search engine optimization.

SEO plan (dashboard)

The SEO plan, which serves as the dashboard, includes a downloadable SEO plan and provides important tasks to improve search engine optimization. It also offers an overview of keywords, backlinks, and competitors:

  1. You can download a monthly SEO report in PDF format by clicking the green button labeled "Download January PDF Report".

  2. Your SEO score: This section shows your website's SEO score, indicating how well it is optimized for search engines. The score is updated daily. In the example, the website has a score of 59%, which is considered average. Clicking on "About this score" allows you to recalculate the score if you have made optimization improvements on the same day.

  3. Site tasks: This section displays tasks related to improving search engine optimization. Click "Show all issues" to see all tasks, including those you have already completed.

  4. Optimize your pages: This section provides an overview of pages on your website that require optimization to improve search engine visibility.

  5. Your tracked keywords: This section shows the keywords you are tracking. If it is empty, you can add your keywords by clicking on "Add your first keyword".

  6. Backlinks: This section refers to links from other websites to your own website. The more websites link to your site, the higher your website's ranking in search engines. The view displays the total number of backlinks and the number of unique domains linking to your site. For example, if one website has three links to your site, the backlinks value is three and the domains value is one.

  7. How do you compare with your competition: This section shows how your website's search engine optimization performance compares to your competitors. You can enter the URLs of your competitors' pages in the Competition tab, accessible via the "See competition" button.


On the Optimize tab, you can see at a glance how many pages on your website require optimization. By clicking on each page in the list, you can view suggestions for improving the search engine optimization of that particular page.


On the Analyze tab, you can find information about your website's traffic, search engine indexing status, and keyword rankings:

  1. Your Site's Traffic: This section provides an estimate of your website's traffic. The estimates become more accurate if Hakukoneoptimointi Pro is connected to other analytics services, such as Google Analytics.

  2. Search Engine Indexing Status: This section indicates whether your website is indexed by search engines. An indexed site appears in search engine results. In the example image, the site is indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  3. Keyword Rankings: This section shows the rankings of selected keywords in search engines.


On the Competition tab, you can add the URLs of your competitors' websites by clicking the "Add a competitor" button. This allows you to monitor how your competitors' sites perform in terms of search engine optimization compared to your own pages. In the context of search engine optimization, competitors refer to those entities that compete for the same website visitors.

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