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Hakukoneoptimointi Pro: settings
Hakukoneoptimointi Pro: settings

In this article, we will introduce the settings of the Hakukoneoptimointi Pro tool, which can be found in the Settings section.

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The settings for Hakukoneoptimointi Pro can be found in the Settings section, accessible through the top navigation menu. The settings include four categories: Company profile, Tracked keywords, Email notifications, and Connections.

Company profile

On the Company profile tab, you will find the following options:

  1. Your business or brand name - You can enter the name of your company or brand relevant to Hakukoneoptimointi Pro. This is optional.

  2. Your SEO target country - Specify the country you want to target with your search engine optimization efforts. For Finnish businesses, the primary target country is usually Finland. Selecting the right country is important for successful SEO because Google search results vary by country.

  3. Your website's main goal - Choose the main goal of your website. Based on the selected goal, Hakukoneoptimointi Pro will prioritize the most important tasks to improve your website's search engine optimization. The options include:

    • To sell things online - (e.g., an online store)

    • To promote something - (e.g., yourself, your business, or organization)

    • To share news or thoughts online - (e.g., news site, blog, magazine, educational website)

    • Other - (if none of the above options apply to your purpose)

  4. Is your business local? - Select whether your business operates locally. If your business covers the entire country or operates internationally, choose "No, I sell nationwide or overseas." If your customers are local, meaning you sell products or services in your city or nearby areas, choose "Yes, I only sell in my city or nearby."

  5. Interface preferred language - Choose the language for the user interface. Hakukoneoptimointi Pro is not available in Finnish, but other language options are available.

Tracked keywords

On the Tracked keywords tab, you can track existing keywords and search for new keywords. Click the green "Find new keywords" button to open the keyword console. Add the keywords you want to use for your website or search for keywords using Miss Group's keyword generation tool.

Email notifications

On the Email notifications tab, you can choose whether to receive email notifications related to search engine optimization from Hakukoneoptimointi Pro.


The Connections tab allows you to connect Hakukoneoptimointi Pro to an external website analytics source, such as Google Analytics. This improves the accuracy of Hakukoneoptimointi Pro in tracking your website's rankings.

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