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A quick guide for Nettisivukone
A quick guide for Nettisivukone

This guide introduces the essential functions of the Nettisivukone

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In the Nettisivukone home screen, there are three important buttons:

1. Main Menu - Through the main menu, you can switch to another application, such as a blog or a store.

2. Publish - The publish button allows you to publish your website.

3. Add Content - By clicking the "Add Content" button, you can add new sections to your page.

Adding Sections and Widgets

You can add sections to your page in two ways.

First, click the "Add Content" button. You can either add a completely new section by clicking the "Add Section" button or add elements like an image or a text box to an existing section by clicking the "Add Widget" button.

1. When adding a new section, click the "Add Content Here" button where you want to add the section.

Alternatively, you can hover your mouse between two sections and click the "+ Add Content Here" button that appears.

Then, choose the section you want to add. Options include text, image, and form, among others..

2. When adding a new widget, a menu will open on the left side of the page, and you can click and drag the desired widget to the appropriate place.

Moving Sections and Widgets

To move a section, use the arrow buttons located on the right side of the section to move it up or down.

Widgets, such as images or text boxes, can be moved by clicking and dragging them from the handle at the top. The new position on the page will be indicated by a green bar.

Publishing Your Website

When you're ready to publish your site for the first time, be sure to let our customer service know by sending an email to [email protected] so they can direct site traffic to the right address.

Once the website is published, it will be visible on the internet. If you make changes to your site, you need to click the publish button again for the new changes to take effect.

Blog posts are published automatically; you do not need to click the publish button to publish a new post.

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