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With this guide you will learn how to add, edit and remove sections in Nettisivukone

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Adding Sections

To add a new section to your page, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Add Content" menu and then select "Add Section."

2. Click the "Add Content Here" button at the location where you want to add the new section.

Alternatively, you can hover between two existing sections and click the "+" button that appears to add content in that spot.

3. Choose the type of section you want to add. Options include images, text, contact forms, and image galleries.

Rearranging Sections

To change the position of a section, click the arrow buttons on the right side of the section to move it up or down.

Deleting Sections

1. Hover over the section you want to delete and click the trash bin icon that appears on the right side.

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