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Hiding your website from internet traffic
Hiding your website from internet traffic

In this guide, you will learn how to hide your website from traffic and how a domain is connected to Nettisivukone.

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You can edit the visibility of your website to web traffic in the following way:

1. Click on "Website Settings".

2. Go to the "Website Status" page.

3. If you want to hide your website from web traffic, select "Hidden" under the "Website Visibility" section. The website will remain hidden until the status is changed to "Published".

4. If your website is using multiple domains, select the desired domain as the "Primary Domain". If you have multiple domain names, also check the "Always redirect to primary domain" option, so that other domains connected to the Sitebuilder will redirect to the primary domain.

5. Finally, click on "Save".

Google and other search engines may have cached versions of your website. If you have published your website and it has been indexed by Google or other search engines, taking the website offline will not remove the cached version of the website.

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