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Restoring a backup in Plesk control panel
Restoring a backup in Plesk control panel

Easily recover lost data and restore it to its original state.

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Restoring deleted files is possible through the Backup Restore feature in the Plesk control panel. First, you need to log in to the Plesk control panel using the credentials provided by us. If you have lost your credentials, you can request them again from customer service.

After that, on the right side of the Websites & Domains page, there is a side panel where you can find the Backup & Restore button. The side panel may be hidden, but you can make it visible by clicking a small arrow button in the upper corner of the right side.

If you cannot find the Backup & Restore section in your view, please contact customer service.

In the next view, you can choose the backup from which you want to restore files by selecting the date. We keep backups for approximately two weeks for both websites and emails. If the desired date is not available in the list, it is likely that the backup has already been deleted. However, we also maintain a separate backup of the websites, which can be restored for an additional fee according to the price list. For more information, please contact our customer service.

Once the date is selected, clicking the link will open the restore configuration view. From the dropdown menu, you can choose whether to restore the backup for the website, email, or individual files. Then, select the target for restoration from the list, activate the restore process, and click "Restore" at the bottom. The backup restoration process may take some time, after which you will receive a notification regarding the success of the restoration. If there are any issues during the restoration, you will also receive a notification about it.

Restoring individual files can be done by selecting "Domain Files" from the dropdown menu and then selecting "Add Files" below. This will open a selection window where you can choose the files to be restored.

Once the backup restoration is complete, the Plesk control panel will provide confirmation of the process.

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