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Ordering DNS (Domain Name System) products
Ordering DNS (Domain Name System) products

.FI, .AX, and .EU domains require a separate DNS service.

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.FI, .AX, and .EU domains require additional services in addition to registration. At minimum, to use a domain, you need to order DNS (name server) service for it. Through the name server, you can connect the domain to a server where your actual website and/or emails are hosted. For so-called international domains (e.g., .COM, .NET...), the cost of this name server service is included in the registration fee, as well as in our Webhotelli packages (excluding Email packages).

If you are registering a domain to save it for future use, the appropriate service is Domainparkki. A parked domain remains registered but does not point to any specific website. For such a domain, our "Reserved for our customer" information page will be displayed.

However, it is not mandatory to use our own name server for a domain registered with us. If you already have name server service from another service provider, you can order the "Own Name Servers" product for the domain. This allows you to register the domain through us, while the domain's name servers remain elsewhere, along with their management.

During the ordering process, when selecting domain registration, you can order name server or domain parking by clicking on the "Name Server (DNS)" tab. If you don't see this specific tab immediately, you can find it by browsing through the product category tabs.

Afterward, you can choose the desired name server, domain parking, or own name servers for the domain and click the "Order Now" button.

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