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Adding PDF files in Nettisivukone

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Adding a PDF File to your page

  1. Click the 'Add Content' button. From the menu, you can either add an entirely new section from the 'Add Section' option, or you can drag the PDF file upload button into an already existing section from the 'Add Widget' option. Alternatively, you can add a section by pressing the 'Add Content Here' button found above and below other sections.

  2. Choose the PDF file upload section from the ’Files’ tab, or go to the 'Widgets' list to the 'Files' section and move the PDF file upload button by dragging it to the desired location.

  3. Click on the PDF file upload button you just added to open its settings menu.

    You can add a new file or use a file already on the site by pressing from the 'Change File' option.

    You can also edit the upload button’s size, text, and other features from the settings menu.

Linking a PDF File to Text

NOTE: Currently, linking PDF files to text has to be done a bit unusually. A suggestion for improvement has been sent to the Nettisivukone’s development team.

  1. Add a PDF file using the upload button according to the instructions above.

  2. Open the PDF file in the website’s preview and copy the PDF file’s link.
    Example link:

  3. Select the text snippet to which you want to add the link and click the text’s 'Add Link' button.

  4. In the menu that appears, go to the 'Link to Target' section, select 'External Page,' and add the copied PDF file link to the 'Link Address' section. Finally, press done.

  5. After you’ve added the link to the text, if desired, you can remove the PDF file upload button created in the first step. The file will not be removed from your pages even if the upload button is removed, so the link in the text will still work after the removal.

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