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Changing the email servers - Outlook
Changing the email servers - Outlook
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On a Windows computer:

To find email account settings on a Windows computer, go to the Control Panel. You can access the Control Panel by typing "Control Panel" in the Windows search bar. Once the Control Panel opens, type "mail" into the search bar in the upper right corner of the Control Panel window. You should see "Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)" - click on it.

Next, you will see the Mail Setup window. Click on "Email Accounts."

You should now see a list of installed email accounts. Select your email account by clicking on it. Then click on "Change..."

In this view, you can change the incoming and outgoing server addresses. Enter the server address used by your email in the respective fields.

Once you have made the changes, click "Next." Outlook will test the functionality of the servers. If the test fails, it means that the servers have been configured incorrectly. Correct any errors reported by Outlook and try again. The changes to your email account settings are now complete, and you can close the account settings by clicking "Finish."

On an Android device:

On an Android device with Outlook installed, you cannot edit the server settings of an email account but need to reinstall the email account.

NOTE: Before removing the email account, make sure that your email has been set up using the IMAP protocol. If your email has been set up using the POP protocol, all emails downloaded to your device will be lost when you remove the account.

Here are the instructions to remove the account:

Open the Outlook app on your Android phone and tap the email icon in the upper left corner. This will open the following view. Tap the gear icon in the lower right corner.

In the next view, you will see your email address. Tap on it.

Then tap on "Remove Account."

Once the account is removed, reinstall it following these instructions.

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